Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but aspiring writer has to be able to deal with rejection. I have garnered a number of rejection notices in my time (reason given: “Your work does not fit our present needs”), so by this time I’m almost used to it. and I haven’t collected that many: one very fine writer I know tried 100 publishers before she found one for her book. But, as the saying goes, it just takes one.

I had submitted Wings to the James River Best Unpublished Novel contest, and it didn’t win, although the judges sent along some comments, which took time and effort on their part. I appreciate that. Here is what they said:

“Great juxtapositon of dreams and reality.”
“Local color and historical background are blended skillfully.”
“Point of view is a challenge. You stay primarily with Otto. He can observe how others react but not know them. If point of view is third person omniscient, then more than a few sentences is (sic) needed for a different character’s thoughts.”

I’m not sure I understand the last comment. The book is limited to Otto’s point of view because it’s written in limited omniscient. Whatever.

And so, we continue on. Still waiting…I had another rejection from a publisher this week, but a couple of “possibles” are in the works. I have hope.


About huckfinn47

I taught high school English for 32 years, all at Robinson High School in Fairfax, VA. My students called me "Mr. V," and I was fortunate to have some terrific young people in my classes. I have made contact with some of them, particularly on Facebook, and enjoy seeing what they're up to. My other nickname, given to me by our then assistant pastor Jim Vaught, is Lieutenant Dan, after the Gary Sinise character in Forrest Gump, one of my favorite movies. I never got anywhere near military service, so the name is somewhat ironic. I greatly admire our troops and respect their sacrifices. On the Wings of Morning is my first novel worth talking about.
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