Getting It Right


The second novel in the Wings trilogy is proceeding well, with about 36,000 words down out of 80,000 (first draft). I’ve put a picture of B-29 bombers at the top of this post because Otto flies them (among other aircraft) in this portion of the story. I’m working hard to get the facts right for this, and it leads into some different byways. For example, Otto and his copilot stay in Bachelor Officers’ Quarters on layovers for a long flight. I spent about an hour finding out what BOQ’s would have been like in 1950. The answer is not readily available, but it turned out to be “spartan.” I also found out that on military bases now BOQ stands for Basic Overnight Quarters. Who knew?

Otto runs out of reading material (Kon Tiki) on the flight, and his co-pilot offers him one of his mystery magazines. Now I’m looking for a mystery story published around April, 1950. Texts of these stories are not on the internet, so I’m off to the library in a few minutes. Maybe I’ll even use a microfiche machine. It has been a while.

It also took a bit of doing to get the local and Greenwich Mean Times right on a long flight.

Probably most people won’t notice if these details are wrong, but somewhere, someone will. I want to get it right for them, and for all my readers.


About huckfinn47

I taught high school English for 32 years, all at Robinson High School in Fairfax, VA. My students called me "Mr. V," and I was fortunate to have some terrific young people in my classes. I have made contact with some of them, particularly on Facebook, and enjoy seeing what they're up to. My other nickname, given to me by our then assistant pastor Jim Vaught, is Lieutenant Dan, after the Gary Sinise character in Forrest Gump, one of my favorite movies. I never got anywhere near military service, so the name is somewhat ironic. I greatly admire our troops and respect their sacrifices. On the Wings of Morning is my first novel worth talking about.
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