3 Responses to Stories They’d Tell

  1. Kay M. Evans says:

    THANK YOU, Mr. V, Lt. Dan, friend Dan & fellow-MC-singer, 🙂
    . . . for giving me a “shout out” in STORIES THEY’D TELL, and especially for sharing information about my Dad Berle & including his name (& his hometown) in your WONDERFUL BOOK. MORE of my relatives want copies, so I’m making a list and checking it twice. I can’t wait for your NEXT book, so I can read more about Otto & his life! THANKS for SHARING your writing ideas, thoughts & research, and for also including tidbits about other people’s life experiences, in your stories ! I found some new articles & letters I’ll share with you next week, when I see you at Manassas Chorale rehearsal. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Mr. Author, with Best Wishes from Kay Robinson Evans (small-town-IOWA-girl / former USAF Soprano Singer / daughter of B-17 Radio Operator Berle M. Robinson and Teacher/Poet/Author Hope C. Robinson)

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