Five Eighths


I’m pleased to say that I reached 50,000 words with “On the Wings of Mid-Day,” and also that I’m changing the name to “On the Wings of the Sun.” I never liked the two earlier names [“Midday” and “On the Wings of Noon-Tide (ugh– what WAS I thinking?)] Anyhow, the book is the middle one in the series, with Otto middle-aged, and I wanted a sense of the sun at its zenith in the title. If everything holds, I should finish the book in mid-November. Thank you for your interest!


About huckfinn47

I taught high school English for 32 years, all at Robinson High School in Fairfax, VA. My students called me "Mr. V," and I was fortunate to have some terrific young people in my classes. I have made contact with some of them, particularly on Facebook, and enjoy seeing what they're up to. My other nickname, given to me by our then assistant pastor Jim Vaught, is Lieutenant Dan, after the Gary Sinise character in Forrest Gump, one of my favorite movies. I never got anywhere near military service, so the name is somewhat ironic. I greatly admire our troops and respect their sacrifices. On the Wings of Morning is my first novel worth talking about.
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